Jil Diamante


“She’s no fashion aficionado and I’ll never inherit a vintage Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag nor a Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 but I sure did learn normcore and monochromatic dressing from her long before those words entered my vocabulary.

She used to dress us up in those dainty and colorful numbers with the cliché embellishments of intricate laces, fancy ribbons, add-on frills and of course the legendary puff sleeves. Ohh I cringe at the thought of puff sleeves!

Albeit, scantily clad in risqué poses, they really are rocking that coveted Japanese schoolgirl uniform. Besides the academic mien, I can’t promise to exude the same tempting appeal, though. Wait, let me twerk.

Yes, those odd choices that can make fashion purists either roll their eyes or worse, cringe at the sight of a fashion faux pas, because I didn’t consult their bible first. Case in point, would a series of Ferris Wheel-like circles on my blouse bond well with the family of Quadrilaterals residing on my skirt?