Ball of Sunshine

Ball of Sunshine (

“Wearing a muted palette of this happy color though does not give off a lesser jolt of cheerful vibes either.”

Ball of Sunshine (
Ball of Sunshine (
Ball of Sunshine (

I have a sunny disposition in life. The same hard headed belief system that things will turn out well according to plan or at least yield a serendipitously positive outcome. The latter being the most often scenario. (Because, of course, you know, we ain’t God.)

That same outlook explains my affinity towards mood-brightening colors, be it on clothes, places or anything tangible. This fascination led me to do things that are downright ridiculous. I once wore a neon yellow top paired with skull studded green pants , an equally blinding shade of orange for earrings, a small fuschia ribbon on top of my bun and an odd looking blue ring on my middle finger. Not to mention the multicolored bracelets that jiggled oh-so-loudly and annoyed my friends.

Perhaps, you saw me walking around the campus that day and just settled on the idea that I might be some dispirited kid recovering from midterm exam trauma.

Had a little flashback there, fella?

Where are we? Colors. Yes. It’s a tricky business, isn’t it? I laughed at my own choices as well from time to time. But never entertained regret for a moment.

On a personal wearing note, though, I think yellow is the happiest color out there. A shade of it can render you a festive smile or a babe like persona. (Assuming, color wheel bias won’t change in the next few years.)

Wearing a muted palette of this happy color though does not give off a lesser jolt of cheerful vibes either. I can attest to that. Life has been good lately, my friend. So good I had to jump over a barbed wire fence just to swirl around the neighbor’s lush green backyard. 

And yet this positive outlook between colors and life does not mean you always believe in grand, visionary scheme of things. Because you can be pragmatic in every sense of the word too. You can’t dance around with unicorns and butterflies all day, you might say. Which is true. Unarguably.

But boy, what if we can?

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