Cuban Dreams

“Hailing from the bustling streets of Cuba, paint my heart a striking orange and serenade it with an aptly tuned Reggaeton. Let the infamous vibrant cobbled beauty be our companion to an old dance of love.”

Here’s to the Ones Who Dream

We’ve all had our fair share of stupid pursuits in the hopes of attaining either short-lived happiness or lifelong zeal. But how do we distinguish the difference between these two? How do we separate simple, shallow pleasures of life from those that will sustain and fulfill our souls in the long run? 

Simple Bliss

I shoot for the moon. And this kindhearted earth, of which I’m undoubtedly grateful for, allowed me to land on a bed of stars. Light headed. Even in the worst of circumstances.

Retro Love

Seconds thereafter, the oldest and the most soulful songs from nearly forgotten eras would suddenly be blasting from every corner of our house, forcing everyone to rise from a deep slumber.

Frost Bite

I initially imagined myself traipsing through the snow dressed in this number paired with furry white boots. Granted, that would be an arduous venture and right on the money ridiculous, but boy wouldn’t that be a dreamy sight?

Not So Blank Slate for 2017

2016 was a year of growth and self-discovery. I pushed personal boundaries that I thought didn’t exist prior to leaving my comfort zone. I started doing things that resonate with my soul and every bone in my body that are tingling with passion. Of which the only fruit was this compelling appreciation for life and its wondrous possibilities. Even typing these words makes my heart flutter with a fresh surge of excitement. You have no idea!

Ball of Sunshine

I have a sunny disposition in life. The same hard headed belief system that things will turn out well according to plan or at least yield a serendipitously positive outcome. The latter being the most often scenario. (Because, of course, you know, we ain’t God.)