Manila Fashion Festival

“It was a day of absolute “fangirling”. Pretend I said that in a ‘thrilling, shrieking voice of a sixteen-year-old girl with a boy band dilemma’.”

Manila Fashion Festival (

On that usual but fortunate day,my fingers have been ceaselessly scrolling through a plethora of commonly-themed images on Instagram for past an hour when I came across this post from Preview Magazine about certain Style Talks. Halfway done with the caption and I can no longer contain the excitement. Reading such names as Daryl Chang, BJ Pascual, and Francis Libiran pumped up my decisiveness to attend this event in just a snap. It turned out this segment was just part of a larger fashion spectrum, the Manila Fashion Festival Fall/Winter Collection 2015.

The Preview Style Talks were held during Day 2 of the “MFF”. It seemed surreal seeing Owen Sarmiento, Francis Libiran, BJ Pascual, Daryl Chang, Jappy Gonzales and Rissa Mananquil Trillo in person and hearing their insights on fashion and everything that encompasses creativity. The way they dropped chunks of inspiring tips was also light and never in the “Haute” manner of discussion as you would expect from an accomplished fashion persona. Stylishly lurking around the corner were Andre Judd Chang, Jae de Veyra Pickrell and of course, THE Ms. Pauline Juan. It was a day of absolute “fangirling”. Pretend I said that in a “thrilling, shrieking voice of a sixteen-year-old girl with a boy band dilemma”.

Day 4 was, of course, an equally interesting night. It was my first time to witness a legit runway display of top Filipino designers’ creations. Sure, I’ve assisted to my previous organizations’ fashion shows before which was quite an experience, but boy was this night in a dreamlike state! And it has the “Fall/Winter” phrase on it! I know you probably think I am a blubbering scatterbrain from too much excitement whilst writing this but at the very least, please picture me with the doe-eyed look like Z.D. or K.P. Would you?

When we were able to settle ourselves in our seats, I swear the latter didn’t serve its maximum utility. I was up and standing the whole night, taking photos of every collection in passing. Rhett Eala opened the show, the monochromatic theme of his works was emphasized by Arctic Monkey’s “Do I Wanna Know?” giving off its intended dark and mysterious vibe. Going for the extremities here, the romantic collection from Mark Bumgarner who graced the end of the show with no less than Ms. Heart Evangelista Escudero was also top notch.

I could go on and on about how, by the words of S. Meyer, “inhumanly and devastatingly beautiful” those models are. Jessica Yang and Jasmine Maierhofer the most. And please don’t get me started on Joey Mead.

Those moments, albeit sweet and overwhelming must bid adieu. Nonetheless, such will be cherished.

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