Muse in Musing: Marian Louise Tan


Financial Analyst and MBA Student
“Marian exudes a certain air of vulnerability because of her soft, angelic façade and yet upon closer look, you’ll see that she’s a go-getter, a fierce, passionate woman.”

Financial Analyst and MBA Student

Marian exudes a certain air of vulnerability because of her soft angelic façade and yet upon closer look, you’ll see that she’s a go-getter, a fierce, passionate woman who won’t back down when faced with hurdles while in pursuit of her goals. She is one of the kindest, most beautiful and smartest individuals I’ve met.

I’ve known her crippled with stress and I’ve known her ecstatic with the simplest of things. Her belief in a blissful, contented life is beyond contagious. You have no idea!

What makes a woman beautiful?

“I think a woman is beautiful when she loves herself and is confident. A woman who wants to enjoy life’s journey with new experiences and adventures.”

What’s your “feel good” music? 

“This may sound weird but Yiruma’s instrumental songs.”

You are taking up an MBA degree while juggling your full-time corporate job, how do you manage your time? 

“I know my priorities. It is easy to manage your time if you know your priorities. There are things to sacrifice when you enter grad school while working as a full-time employee at the same time. There are times when I can’t really attend team activities or get together with friends during weekends because I have classes. But since we have the privilege to work from home, once I get my work done, I use the remaining time to do school stuff.

Who inspires you?

“My family! They always inspire me to be a better person.”

Can you describe what the perfect day would look like to you? 

“A perfect day for me would be waking up early in the morning in my room with an overlooking view of an ocean/sea and watch the sunrise with a delicious and healthy breakfast. I would love to spend the day with my loved ones, without having anyone to judge me. A day when I could be myself and do all the things that I want. On such a day, I would love to take a long ride and go to museums and parks where me and my loved ones could have an afternoon picnic. Also, in the evening, a perfect date with my man lying under the sky full of stars would be amazing.”

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

“I think the last thing that made me laugh is a Korean Rom-Com, it’s Strong Woman: Do Bong Soon. It’s really nice. Hahaha. Try watching it, Dude!”

If we can describe you in one word, what would it be?


Are you in love?

“Definitely, Yes!”

If there’s one piece of advice you can give to your younger self, what would it be?

“Just take risk, because of that, you will learn and gain experiences. ‘Experience is the best teacher’.”

What do you look forward to in life?

“There are too many to mention but here are my top 6: buying my own house and lot, traveling with my loved ones, graduate from MBA, learning how to cook and bake, getting married to the love of my life and achieving happiness and content in life.”

 Photography | Jil Diamante

Muse in Musing is a new personal creative series project of mine. Overtly intrigued with the idea of being a renaissance woman, I plan to shoot (in an amateur manner, obviously ) a variety of these beauties who can adeptly juggle a multitude of things with such grace and zest for life. Together with a list of questions, take a peek in their equally interesting minds, a slam book for empowered women, so to speak.

I admire them. They inspire me. I hope you do too.

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