Thoughts Lately: Another Quarantined Birthday

never fancy lavish celebrations or gifts
hopeless attempts on stick figures
the diving bell and the butterfly

Manila, Philippines

Self Portraits in Manila, Philippines

April will always be a significant month for natal reasons. While I enjoy those home-cooked meals with my family, surprises, and lengthy messages from best friends, friends, and colleagues, I never fancy lavish celebrations or gifts. Economic conditioning, anyone?

No deep-rooted resentment, I swear.

I prefer experiences and quality merriment. We can eat and drink in a hole in the wall, and I wouldn’t bat an eye as long as I’m laughing with you. Also, it helps that I still am that kid who has an infallible grade-school memory of places she wants to visit someday. Beyond sunflowers, smileys, and hopeless attempts on stick figures, you can spot Cambodia, India, Nepal on those poor notebooks. Hence, experiences over matter.

But given our current collective state of immobility, I highly doubt that kid would soon be crossing off another place from her list. And that’s okay.

Bauby’s words comforted me, “my mind takes flight like a butterfly. There is so much to do. You can wander off in space or in time, set out for Tierra del Fuego or King Midas’s court.”

To this day, this pandemic has been nothing short of reflective. Yes, I empathize with people who suffered loss and depression in these trying times, but I also pat myself on the back for thriving. I take pride in having a stable job and business, cultivating positive habits, and being with healthy family and friends. For far more personal reasons (obviously, can’t disclose), this global break saved me years of lesson and experiences in adulthood. Things that would’ve gone unnoticed and unmitigated because I was in a tasteless hedonic treadmill ride.

Good, save. Good, save. It was a worthwhile year.

Thanks for all the greetings, kind souls.

PS. Pasta always makes me happy. And that’s a standalone celebratory statement.

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